Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FIT judging

I had the pleasure of judging the senior illustration exhibit last week at the Fashion Institute of Technology. There were some incredible illustrations to choose from. There were about eight of us judging and most were faculty from FIT. In the end I think we chose some very well executed illustrations as the winners. One of the illustrations that I liked very much was a digital painting that looked like something from the production design of an animated film. It was beautiful, and yet had the unfinished look of production art that is so common. In judging the show, I had to ask myself "would I hire this person to illustrate_______(insert job here) ie: children's book, editorial, advertising etc. It was a great day of looking at art, meeting new illustrators and eating bags of bagels!

On another note, here is a picture of me and my editor, Namrata Tripathi (left) and my art director, Christine Kettner, at the Border Concept store in Ann Arbor, MI. I wish every Borders had that many copies of my book!

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