Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Melrose School...Jamestown RI

I had a great visit to the Melrose School in Jamestown RI a couple weeks back. The kids were great and had fantastic questions. We discussed bookmaking, making theme parks and what it might be like to ride in a rocket! Just today, in the mail, I received this fabulous poster signed by all the kids. I have to share a poem that one student named Lily wrote:

Moonpowder is magical,
Moonpowder is the best,
Helping and pleasing little kids
When they lie down to rest.

Thanks Lily! And a big thanks to the fabulous Librarian, Lisa Casey, and all the students of Melrose School!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Robin Williams Reads Moonpowder

I heard through the grapevine that Robin Williams had read "Moonpowder" at the recent "Time For Heroes" Celebrity fund raiser in LA. After scouring the internet for actual proof of this momentous news, I found some photos.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Moonpowder has Arrived!!

My latest book, Moonpowder is in stores now! So put your computer to sleep and go out and smack down $15.99 for 48 pages of fun! That's 50% more book for the same price as your average 32 pager. And the pages are nice and thick, giving it a hefty weight of 1.5 lbs! Compared to your average 15 oz picture book, Moonpowder is a heavyweight.
Here is a recent review from Booklist,

"...Eli's foray to the factory in his helio-rocket-copter provides ample opportunity for Rocco's fabulous artwork. His inventive paintings, done in deep, rich colors of night and tinged with gold, are used in spreads, panels, and full pages. The mechanical "gizbots" inside the factory, adjusting valves and dials, along with the intricate hand drawings of the factory's inner workings, will keep children, especially the mechanically inclined, totally fascinated. Although the story may not have quite as much magic as the artwork, the ending, which brings Eli's soldier father home, is sweet and satisfying. This will sustain many readings." -Ilene Cooper, Booklist