Monday, July 31, 2006

Finished Percy Cover #3

I have just finished the third cover painting for the Percy Jackson series, written by Rick Riordan. I went through a number of different sketches for this one. I will post some of them once this painting is approved. Fingers crossed. The title of this book is called "The Titan's Curse", and in my opinion is the best of the three books so far. There are two more to come, and I am thrilled to be doing the paintings for these books.
Once I figured out the sketch the painting went pretty quickly. About 3 days. It was done with pencil, and then digitally painted in photoshop. I used google earth with 3d buildings turned on to get a nice reference shot of the Manhattan Skyline from the POV of the Chrysler Building. That helped a lot...Thanks google!

Welcome to my blog....

Well, I have entered the world of blogdom. I plan to post examples of current projects, paintings, drawings and other stuff that makes me smile. I would love to hear feedback, and suggestions.