Friday, July 13, 2007

painting not blogging....Moonpowder

Well, I just turned 40 and I have decided that it is better to paint (and meet my deadlines) than to spend my time blogging, updating my website and returning emails. So I apologize for the long delay between entries. Here are a few more paintings for my next book, Moonpowder. I have 2 more paintings to finish, and then I will re-visit each one to color correct, and tweak. After that, the book will be put together and a galley will be created which will be sent out to book buyers and reviewers. Once I see the finished galley (which is basically the finished unbound book) I will have one more chance to do some color correcting, and then I will wait for the finished book to come out in stores sometime next May. In the meantime I will be working on two more books. One is a science book (non-fiction) for Penguin, and the other is a book I am writing for Hyperion. I should also be receiving the manuscript for the next Percy Jackson book soon, so that I can illustrate the cover. That will be exciting. There are over a million copies in print right now! Lots to do, so if you don't here from me until the fall...enjoy the rest of the summer!


Anonymous said...

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:: juin lily :: said...

I found you searching for Howl's Moving Castle book covers, then I realized that you also are the artist behind the cover of Lightning Thief. And I love the whimsical element in all of your art. Your paintings tell a story, my absolute favorite kind.