Saturday, May 05, 2007

Finally back to Painting

Well, I have finally gotten back to painting pictures for Moonpowder. This one takes place right after little Eli Treebuckle accidentally opens a Tornado Dispenser inside Mother Natures Closet. You know how that can be... I still have about 18 paintings to go for this book (including spots) and at last count there are going to be 44 paintings in this 40 pager. I have to finish the rest by July 24th, for it to be a spring 08 release.
On another note, I am headed up to Bank Street Books in NYC today to see Oliver Jeffers. (Author of Lost and Found, and The Incredible Book Eating Boy) I love his work, and this should be fun.

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:: juin lily :: said...

Wow. I hope you'll be back. I love the Bankstreet Bookstore.