Saturday, December 09, 2006

Moonpowder- halfway there!

These last two paintings represent the halfway point for my picture book 'Moonpowder'. It always feels good to get over the hump and start to see the book come together. I plan to have all the paintings finished by end of February...fingers crossed.
Then, March 01, my book 'Wolf! Wolf!' will be in bookstores. I found out that Barnes and Noble is going to have it "face out" in there children's book section, and Borders has selected me as one of their "Original Voices". I don't know which month yet, but hopefully March or April. This will be my last post this year, but I will plan to post more paintings from Moonpowder as they get finished.
Happy Holidays!

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Christina - the fan! said...

"Moonpowder" is another gem, John. Your art is perfect; I can't wait to read the words that go with these pictures out loud to my children.