Thursday, September 28, 2006

September duldrums

Well, I have just returned from a two week trip to visit relatives and freinds in Belgium, and between the jet lag, the flu and a mild case of food poisoning, I didn't get much new work done. I usually have pretty high expectations of myself, so I am a little bummed that I couldn't paint or draw much over the last three weeks. I did get some writing done so I am pleased with that, and I have been asked to create a book jacket for a fantasy novel for Greenwillow books (an imprint of Harper Collins).
I read in the trades that Chris Van Allsburg and David Weisner are both coming out with new books! Chris's book looks like a return to his more softly rendered work (like Jumanji). David's book is called FLOTSAM and looks pretty interesting.
That's all for now...

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